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A school information management system software, based on a DBMS backend and a PHP frontend.

It uses a client/server arquitecture and doesn't require any software to be installed on the client side (the interface works on top of any W3C compliant browser). The school community (teachers, school staff, students and their parents) may reach the System from within the school network, their homes or any other place where they're able to reach the Internet from.

Main features:

More information is available here (portuguese only, internationalization is in the TODO list).


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How to reach us

By e-mail

Alexandre Martins, ampmartins at

Delfim Pereira, delfimp at

Fernando J. Leal, fjleal at

Fernando Martins, fmartins_esas at

Horácio Macedo, hmacedo at

Pedro Sá, kunstuberalles at

Pedro Silva, avlisp at


#sie-devel channel, on the FreeNode network (

Download the Software

The software may be downloaded from the SVN server Available components:


svn co portal

Reports Website

svn co reports

Administrative Tools (*nix-based servers)

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